Sunday, April 29, 2018

Gingham Swimsuit

Hi All!
Long time no talk! Life's been pretty crazy lately. Kyle and I just got back from vacation last night! It was so nice to disconnect for a week and relax by the ocean. We woke up every morning & got fresh mini donuts and ended each day with ice cream! I posted this swimsuit over on Instagram while we were away and I got so many questions about it! It's under $20 and so flattering! I've been so into one piece bathing suits lately as I feel so much more comfortable in them! It's funny though- the only part of me that's not tan is my stomach- it looks quite ridiculous! I'll be back to normal posting now so look out for some fun posts coming your way! 

Saturday, April 14, 2018

10 Easy Chicken Recipes

Hi All!
I've gotten a lot of questions about what I make using either a rotisserie chicken or an oven-baked chicken. I mentioned over on my Instagram that I usually buy a whole roasting chicken when they're on sale and cook it at the beginning of the week, then I use the chicken in my meals throughout the rest of the week. Below are 10 meals using cooked chicken. Some of these recipes are ones I've found on Pinterest and made numerous times and some are my own recipes. They're all delicious and fairly easy! Enjoy

1 // Oven Baked Chicken Tacos

I have made these more times than I can count! They're absolutely delicious and pretty foolproof to make. I will say these are on the spicier side so if you don't care for spicy foods use the normal taco seasoning vs. the hot and spicy kind! Click HERE for the recipe. 

2 // Chicken Salad Wraps
Chicken salad is one of the best uses of cooked chicken. It's great to prepare it to have for lunches for the week! I like to serve it either on a wrap or large lettuce leaves. Adjust the amounts of ingredients based on the amount of chicken you use. Here is what I put in my Chicken Salad:
Chicken Salad:
Diced Chicken
Mayo - use enough to coat the chicken
Sliced Green Grapes
Ground Pepper
Garlic Powder

3 // Mushroom Risotto With Chicken 

This dish is insanely delicious! Everyone I've made it for has loved it. This is great for a "fancier" at home meal as it is a little time consuming- but so worth it! I start with base Mushroom Rissoto recipe and then add about a cup of cooked diced chicken! Click HERE for the risotto recipe.  

4 // Buffalo Chicken Tacos
Kyle loved this recipe so its man approved! It was a nice change from the typical tacos! I will say it is a very rich recipe & I could only eat one taco. Click HERE for the recipe.

5 // Chicken Avocado Burritos
These are one of my favorites! I love the blend of the creamy cheese & sour cream with the salsa! I serve these generally with my favorite cauliflower tots as a replacement for fries. Click HERE for the recipe. 

6 // Chicken Caesar Salad

Pretty self-explanatory but I love chicken caesar salad. I'll either make up a large salad with fresh romaine hearts, parmesan, chicken, and caesar dressing or I'll make up the salad and put it into a wrap for a more filling meal. Either way, it's delicious and so easy!

7 // Chicken With Gravy
No recipe needed for this! I like to slice up some chicken, heat it, and serve it up with gravy, mashed potatoes and a veggie like green beans. Super easy and so delicious.

8 // Chicken Fried Rice
For this, you can cook up some white rice and then in a frying pan add a package of frozen veggies, 1 egg and then toss in some chicken & your rice and season with soy sauce, it's that easy! I usually use low sodium soy sauce as the normal is too salty for me. 

9 // BBQ Chicken Pizza

 This pizza is one of my favorites! I start by rolling out my pizza dough and then add BBQ sauce, fresh mozzarella, diced chicken, and sauteed red onions. 

 10 // Chicken Cobb Salad 

Cobb salads are a great use of chicken! I love this salad because it's so filling! You can pretty much add any ingredients you'd like but I love to add chicken, bacon, avocado, tomato, egg, and blue cheese crumbles. Yum!

What are your favorite uses for chicken?


Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thursday Thoughts

Things I did this week //

* All of my laundry!!! I feel like I deserve a sticker! It only took me two weeks :) I'm sure it will be piled up again before next week- I blame it on Kyle! 

* Started watching New Girl & The Good Place on Netflix & I love them both! We actually finished watching The Good Place so we will have to wait until new episodes come out. Both shows are funny, engaging and easy to watch! (Kyle liked them too so they're man approved!) 

* I made the most delicious Mushroom & Chicken Risotto this week! It was a little time consuming but SO delicious! I also made Honey Garlic Meatballs- Yum! Make sure you're following me on Instagram to see all the things I'm cooking!

Things I'm doing this weekend // 

* I need to pack! When I was younger I used to pack WEEKS before a trip and now the older I get the later I pack! I want to make sure I have time to pick up any items I might have forgotten. To read my packing list post click HERE

* Heading to the bookstore! I need to pick out some books to take on vacation. I have a Kindle and an Ipad which I read on but it makes me nervous taking them to a beach! I usually just read from my Ipad on the plane. Do you have any book recommendations?

* Saturday Mani! What color should I get for vacation? I can't pick! I also need to get a pedicure asap!

What are your weekend plans?
Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Florida Packing List

Kyle and I are headed on Vacation next week so I thought it might be helpful to share with you a little packing list of my must have items and some tips I have. Obviously this list isn’t all inclusive but it should give you an idea as to some of the items you need to pack! 

Tips // 

 * Don’t stuff your suitcases with things like beach towels- every place I’ve ever stayed has had towels available! 

* Wait until you arrive to purchase sunscreen- I usually stop at a target or drugstore and grab some. It’s much easier than packing it and worrying about it exploding! 

* Wear your lightweight jacket onto the plane- this will keep you comfortable and save room in your suitcase

* Carry on any beach hats so they don’t get squashed! 

* Bring a reusable water bottle! When you arrive to your destination pick up a few gallons of water and use those to refill your bottle. 

* Bring a pair of cheap flip flops that are solely for the beach! I always grab a pair from Old Navy. 

* Pack two pairs of sunglasses! Last vacation Kyle forgot his and ended up wearing a pair of my Ray-Bans. It's good to be prepared. 

Do you have any tips for travel?

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Recent Purchases

Hi All & Happy Sunday!
I've been sharing a lot of my purchases over on Instagram stories recently so I thought it would be helpful to link the items I shared this past weekend in Today's post! To shop any of these items just click on the image and it will direct you to the retailer. 

I hope you've all had a relaxing weekend!
Thursday, April 5, 2018

Thursday Thoughts

Things I did this week //

* Unfortunately I got some kind of bug on Easter and stayed home from work on Monday. The only benefit of this was that I got to watch Saved By the Bell reruns and 13 Going on 30, besides that it wasn't very fun! Thank goodness it was short lived and I was back to work by Tuesday. 

* Parent-teacher conferences! As you all know I'm a first-grade teacher and this week was conference week. Thursday and Friday were half days for students with conferences in the afternoons. It's always so nice to be able to share with family's all the progress their children have made. I'm always so amazed at what a 6-year-old is capable of! They are little rock stars. 

* The cutest sandals ever came in the mail this week! I can't wait to take them on vacation with me in a few weeks! They're so comfy and under $70! 

Things I'm doing this weekend //

* I mentioned last week that I wanted to pick up some succulents which I did, well I love them so much I need more! They make my home feel so fresh! I've been on a cleaning rampage so plants are the perfect addition to my newly decluttered spaces.

* Heading to the bookstore to pick up some new books to take on vacation. Do you have any recommendations? I like romance novels, and thrillers that aren't gory and violent- its okay if someone goes missing but I don't want to be reading about someone getting slaughtered!

What are your weekend plans?


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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

One Piece Swimsuits Under $100

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 //  //  //  // 9

As Spring Break is fast approaching I thought it would be the perfect time to put together some of my favorite one-piece swimsuits under $100. I first tried out the one piece trend last year and absolutely loved it. I've found a lot of them to be very flattery on my leg and bust area. The items above are all from Nordstrom as they have the best return policy! When ordering swimwear it can be a little daunting not knowing how they will fit. You can order worry-free from Nordstrom knowing they have free shipping & free returns every day! What style swimsuit are you loving this season?


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