Monday, November 18, 2019

Red & Green Christmas

 Hi All & Happy Holidays! 
I decided to decorate my house early this year as there are just a few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We had a snow day last week (so exciting!!) which means I didn't have to work (#teacherlife) so I spent the day decking the halls. 
Sunday, November 10, 2019

Our Fall Wedding

Hi All & Happy Sunday!
I'm excited to share with you more of our wedding photos. It's been so fun looking through them and remembering all of the special moments from our wedding. 
One of my favorite memories is when the photographer had Kyle & I go down to the river to take some photos. At first, I thought this was a fantastic idea until I was knee-deep in freezing cold water in my wedding shoes- and at that point, there was no turning back. After wading through the river to the perfect location our wedding planner brought down some champagne for another "photo op". Champagne photos are cute right?? Well yeah, until Kyle decided to shake the bottle of champagne prior to opening it so when he opened it, of course, it exploded right into my face! The photos are hilarious, I can't wait to get our wedding video back and see it in action! I have to say, even though the champagne exploded all over my face, my makeup didn't move at all- so props to my makeup artist! 
I hope you enjoy a few more glimpses into my favorite day