Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July Beauty Faves

As July comes to a close I wanted to share with you some beauty products I've been loving this month. These are things I've been reaching for everyday and feel like you guys would also enjoy them!

I'm always on the lookout for a great moisturizer and I've finally found it! This water gel is hands down the best face moisturizer I've ever used. I love it because it soaks into your skin very fast so you don't have to sit there and wait for it to absorb, which is great because I use it under my makeup. I also love it because it doesn't leave my skin feeling oily which is a feeling I hate. This moisturizer is very comparable to the Clinique water gel moisturizer but at a better price point. One jar of this generally lasts me about a month.

I usually only wash my hair every 2 days because my hair doesn't seem to produce much oil. So you're probably wondering well why do you need dry shampoo if your hair doesn't get oily?? Dry shampoo is GREAT for texturing hair. My hair is pin straight and very shiny and silky which I don't like, so to give my hair some volume and texture I like to spray dry shampoo in it. I use the deep dark brown colored dry shampoo because normal dry shampoos spray out white and can look pretty crazy on darker hair. If you have blonde hair I would suggest using the normal dry shampoo.

Sometimes I'm so lazy it's ridiculous and for some reason I find applying body cream to be an obnoxious task, so low and behold bath& body works has solved my problem: shower cream. This product is genius, you take your shower, wash your hair shave your legs and what have you and then before you get out you applying the shower cream just like you would apply a body wash, then you rinse, exit the shower, and boom you don't need to stand there for 5 mins trying to rub in lotion. Needless to say if you're lazy like me and hate applying lotion I highly suggest you pick this up! 

As I mentioned before my hair has zero texture & zero volume. I love to use this beach spray on my hair when it's damp, right after I get out of the shower I spray this through my hair and then let my hair air dry as normal. This spray gives me hair some great effortless looking texture without the dry feel of typical sea salt sprays.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue :

I'm really picky about fragrances so when I found this I was SO happy. This fragrance is perfect for summer as it's light and airy. The best way I can describe the scent is a very fresh smell, not floral, not musty, just light and fresh, which is what I love. After spraying this fragrance on in the morning you will be able to smell it all day, so it doesn't wear off, which is great because you won't have to spray it 9 times a day.

I hope you've enjoyed this post! All subheadings are direct links to products I mentioned!



Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bikinis: What top is right for you

Bathing suit shopping can be a little bit intimidating at times especially if you're unsure what style top will be most flattering on you. In this post I go through the most common bathing suit styles and what will work for your figure to hopefully make your shopping & summer a little more carefree.

Bandeau style: This bikini top looks the most flattering on smaller chest sizes between a A-C cup. The issue with bandeau tops is that they don't stay up very well, so if you have a larger chest the chances of you having to hold the top up the entire time are pretty high, and no one has time for that. If you have a flatter chest I would suggest a bandeau that has some shape to it, if you were to wear a bandeau that was just a rectangle shape it would accentuate what isn't on your chest and make you appear somewhat shapeless. Go with a sweetheart neckline , this will create the illusion of a "curvier" bust. If you have a larger chest and still want to wear a bandeau I would suggest getting one that isn't all "fluffy" aka no ruffles or sequins and has a supportive build to it, so look for something that has underwire. If you wear something that's too flashy/unsupportive it will make you appear disproportional since all the attention will be focused on your top half.

Bandeau Style Bikinis:
The Knockout Bandeau
Strap Braided Bandeau
Flirt Bandeau

Push-Up Style: Contrary to popular belief this style only works if you HAVE boobs. I know buying a Victoria Secret bombshell bikini top is tempting but do not do it if you have a flat chest, the top will not look flattering and will create a large gap between your chest and the padding in the top. This style works best if you have a decent chest size (B & up). This top can create great cleavage as well as great support. The key with these tops is to make sure you purchase the correct size , if it's too small you will be falling out and if it's too big you will be swimming in it , literally.

Push-Up Bikinis:
Knotted Push Up Bikini
Push Up Midi Bikini
The Angel Convertible

Halter Style: This style is perfect for girls with a larger chest, it's extremely supportive yet still cute. I've found with Halter style tops it's important to make sure the bottom band on the top is at least an inch thick, this will help to provide support and keep the bikini from looking flimsy. Halter tops also look great on girls with B-C cups. I would advise anyone below that cup size to stray away from this style as it can easily make you look boxy.

Halter Style Bikini:
Reversible Lace Up Halter
High Tie Halter
Hottie Halter

Like with anything, do what works for YOU & your body. As long as you're happy with it that's all that matters, I just wanted to provide you with some of my thoughts & advice around bikinis :)

Hope you've enjoyed! 


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Easy Summer Hairstyles

Summer is finally in full swing here in Vermont, and with summer weather comes a distaste for having to do anything with your hair in the morning. Below are three very simple , user friendly hair styles that are heat free. So there will be no need to stand in your bathroom with a curling iron & feel like you are baking in an over. All three of these cute summer hairstyles will take under 5 minutes! 

Hairstyle One- Bubble Pony Tail 

I love this hairstyle for summer because it's super easy & keeps your hair off of you. This bubble pony tail just kicks a normal pony up a few notches & looks like you put effort into your hair, when really it only took a few minutes. To achieve this look first spray your hair with a thickening/ texturizing spray, after that gather your hair into a pony and secure it, next go down about 2 inches and secure another elastic, at this point pull apart the distance between the two elastics to create a bubble effect, if your hair is thinner you can tease the hair before securing the second elastic to help bulk the hair up & have it look fuller. Continue this process until you have reached the bottom of your hair. Using elastics that are thin & close to your hair color will help to keep this look fresh and clean, using a bulky hair-tie could distract from the look of the 'bubbles'.

Hairstyle Two- Lolipop Twist 
This hairstyle reminds me of those long rainbow lollipops I used to beg my mom for as a kid. To achieve this look just section of the top half of your hair, starting at the crown down to the top of your ear. After you've section this off secure it in an elastic. Next split the section of hair in the elastic into two sections and 'twist' them together, make sure to twist them as tight as possible as it will loosen once you tie it off. Twist the hair until you reach the bottom and tie it off with an elastic. This style looks best when the hair is shiny & tamed so I suggest using a serum on your hair first and finishing it off with some hairspray. 

Hairstyle Three- Upside down Braid to Bun 
This hairstyle takes a top knot to a whole other level. To achieve this look just flip your head upside down and french braid your hair from the nape of your neck to the top of your head. When you've finished the braid tie it off with a small elastic and flip your head back over. To finish this look off just tie your hair up into a bun. This look isn't meant to be perfect so don't worry if your braid or bun aren't 100%, this is supposed to look a little messy.

Hair Products I Recommend:
Batiste Dry Shampoo
Macadamia Hair Spray
Revlon Teasing Brush
Goody Hair Elastics

P.S. No my hair didn't grow 10 inches overnight & turn blonde! Thanks to my friend for letting me borrow her head for this post!

Hope you've enjoyed!



Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Current Makeup Favorites

Today I wanted to share with you guys some of my current favorite makeup products. Every few months the products I'm loving switch up a bit depending on the season and the amount of effort I feel like putting into my beauty routine. Below I'll go through my favorites and the reasons why I love them!

Foundation: Urban Decay Naked Skin 

I love this foundation and have been using it on and off for the past year and a half or so. It's at the higher end of prices with a $39 dollar tag but trust me it's worth it. This foundation has the best coverage ever while still being extremely light weight, after I've applied it & I touch my face it feels as if nothing's on it, which I love. I HATE the feeling of makeup sitting on my skin so this foundation has been perfect for me. This foundation also has a great shade range including yellow and pink undertones so there's a perfect match for everyone. I generally wear between a 3.5 - 4.5 shade in this foundation.

Concealer- Maybelline Fit Me
For awhile I had been using the Nars Radiant Creamy concealer and I loved it, it provided great coverage and wasn't too thick & blended in well. One day I ran out of the concealer and was at the drugstore and picked up Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, this concealer is hands down the best concealer and a great dupe for the Nars one. This concealer is extremely smooth and has a great consistency , great coverage & lasts a long time. I found with the Nars concealer it felt like I was going through it SO fast but with the Maybleine concealer I feel like I'm never going to run out. The Fit Me concealer is also at a great price point. I wear the shade sand beige in this product. 

Blush- Elf cosmetics Blush Palette

 I'm such a sucker for blush & have quite the collection at this point but recently I've been reaching for the most inexpensive blush palette I own. The other day I was walking through Target & noticed that ELF cosmetics had created a blush palette that comes in both a light & dark shade so I decided to pick it up in the lighter shade. This palette comes with 4 different blush shades with one leaning more towards a bronze shade. These blushes are AMAZING, the pigmentation of them is crazy and they leave the perfect finish. I would definitely suggest you go pick one of these palettes up its worth it for under 8 dollars! 

Highlight- Becca Cosmetics Champagne Pop

 The perfect summer highlight has been created & we can thank Jaclyn Hill for that. This highlight looks great on all skin tones and gives off the PERFECT summer glow. The best part of this highlighter is that the formulation is very smooth and doesn't give off a 'glittery' appearance on the face. 

Eyeshadow- Lorac Unzipped Palette 
I'm not one to do my eye makeup every day because I find it too much of a hassle , but when I do I love to use this Lorac palette I recently picked up. This palette has all the shades you need including matte and shimmer colors. I love to use the shade Unconditional on my crease & lower lash line and then use the shade Unreal all over my lid. This palette creates a very bronzy summery look. 

Mascara- Clinique High Impact
I have super sensitive eyes so I'm really picky when it comes to mascara. This mascara has been my go to for the past 2 years and never irritates my eyes. I love it because it stays on my lashes all day and feels natural, it doesn't get that clumpy stiff feeling that a lot of mascaras cause. I always stock up on this when they have the Clinique gift with purchase, I'll buy two tubes of this and then the gift with purchase generally has this mascara so it's a great deal. 

Lips- bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie 

This is hands down the best lip gloss. It has a nice sheer wash of color and doesn't get sticky or gooey when on the lips. I also love the flavor of it- it has a minty cooling effect. My favorite color is Rebel which is a nice rosy pink which mutes the red color of my lips really well. The only downfall of this lipgloss is that I go through it really fast, which I'm not sure if it's because I apply it so much or if there's not a lot of product.

Hope you've enjoyed this post!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Effortless outfits

Today I wanted to share with you three types of outfits that I love to throw on when I'm feeling lazy or uninspired. These outfits are all cute & put together yet don't take much effort or thought, which is the best part. I hate leaving my house feeling like a hot mess so I always try to put on something that I feel confident in, even if it's just a t-shirt. Sometimes I think we forget that we can still be stylish and cute in the simplest of things.

Option one: T-shirt & sneakers 
I think people underestimate the power of a great pair of sneakers. I could have on a white tee & $3 dollar leggings and add a pair of cute sneakers & feel like a million bucks. The key to making the t-shirt and sneakers look put together is choosing pieces that fit well & are in good condition. Don't put on your leggings covered in cat hair & your sneakers covered in mud and grass stains, that is NOT the look we're going for when I say effortless. Grab a simple t-shirt, long sleeve or short, and a pair of black leggings, add a chunky watch & a cute bag, throw your hair up and I promise it will look cute. Below I have some pictures of different ways I sport the t-shirt & sneakers option.

Option two: Dress & sandals
I'm not sure it can get much easier than this....Grab a cute dress & some basic sandals, a pair of sunnies & your bag & you're good to go. Below I have some pictures of how I wear the dress & sandal option. 

Option three: Jeans & heels 
Okay before you freak out & think who does this girl think she is suggesting heels are effortless... that's not what I'm suggesting. When I say 'heels' I more so mean something along the lines of a wedged sandal or chunky heeled sandal... NOT 6 inch black stilettos, so breathe no one is wearing uncomfortable heels. For this option grab a cute pair of jeans (I like skinny jeans with LOTS of stretch, a girls gotta breathe) and a simple top. This option is great if you need to go somewhere & be a little more "fancy" but still feel like you just want to wear a juicy couture jumpsuit & flip flops. Below are some pictures of how I style 'heels' & jeans.

Hope you've enjoyed this post!