Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bikinis: What top is right for you

Bathing suit shopping can be a little bit intimidating at times especially if you're unsure what style top will be most flattering on you. In this post I go through the most common bathing suit styles and what will work for your figure to hopefully make your shopping & summer a little more carefree.

Bandeau style: This bikini top looks the most flattering on smaller chest sizes between a A-C cup. The issue with bandeau tops is that they don't stay up very well, so if you have a larger chest the chances of you having to hold the top up the entire time are pretty high, and no one has time for that. If you have a flatter chest I would suggest a bandeau that has some shape to it, if you were to wear a bandeau that was just a rectangle shape it would accentuate what isn't on your chest and make you appear somewhat shapeless. Go with a sweetheart neckline , this will create the illusion of a "curvier" bust. If you have a larger chest and still want to wear a bandeau I would suggest getting one that isn't all "fluffy" aka no ruffles or sequins and has a supportive build to it, so look for something that has underwire. If you wear something that's too flashy/unsupportive it will make you appear disproportional since all the attention will be focused on your top half.

Bandeau Style Bikinis:
The Knockout Bandeau
Strap Braided Bandeau
Flirt Bandeau

Push-Up Style: Contrary to popular belief this style only works if you HAVE boobs. I know buying a Victoria Secret bombshell bikini top is tempting but do not do it if you have a flat chest, the top will not look flattering and will create a large gap between your chest and the padding in the top. This style works best if you have a decent chest size (B & up). This top can create great cleavage as well as great support. The key with these tops is to make sure you purchase the correct size , if it's too small you will be falling out and if it's too big you will be swimming in it , literally.

Push-Up Bikinis:
Knotted Push Up Bikini
Push Up Midi Bikini
The Angel Convertible

Halter Style: This style is perfect for girls with a larger chest, it's extremely supportive yet still cute. I've found with Halter style tops it's important to make sure the bottom band on the top is at least an inch thick, this will help to provide support and keep the bikini from looking flimsy. Halter tops also look great on girls with B-C cups. I would advise anyone below that cup size to stray away from this style as it can easily make you look boxy.

Halter Style Bikini:
Reversible Lace Up Halter
High Tie Halter
Hottie Halter

Like with anything, do what works for YOU & your body. As long as you're happy with it that's all that matters, I just wanted to provide you with some of my thoughts & advice around bikinis :)

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