Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Happy Tuesday!

We're only a few weeks away from the big day, AKA Valentines Day! If you're like me then this day doesn't really excite you. This will be Kyle and my 5th Valentines together and while it's a sweet day it doesn't hold much tradition in our relationship. I do think its thoughtful to receive flowers or a card but I've never been one for huge displays of affection on a set holiday.
Generally, Kyle & I will cook a 'fancier' dinner at home and have dessert, then we will rent a movie or play a game. I suppose this has become our one tradition- not going out! We did go out during our early years of dating and I remember looking around at others in the restaurant thinking wow, I'd rather be in my PJs eating chocolate in bed! 
Since we don't do anything elaborate for Valentines Day we often get each other concert tickets and that's our 'gift' to each other. This year we purchased tickets to Keith Urban & we are so excited! I love that the gift is something we get to do together, and now we have something to look forward to.
If you're looking for some gifts for the day, the few I listed above would be perfect! I think my favorite item would be the Heart Cappuccino Cups! If you're wanting to splurge I think the Silk Pillowcase would be great! I've heard so many good things about them & the benefits they have on your skin and hair. 
Do you have any fun Valentines traditions? I did attend a Galentine's party this year which was new for me! My friend Annaliese hosted it and there were yummy snacks and drinks, very different & fun! I'd love to hear how you celebrate this day! Let me know!


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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Ice Castles // Lincoln New Hampshire

Hi All! This weekend Kyle & I took a trip over to New Hampshire to visit the Lincoln Ice Castles , I thought I'd share a little bit about our experience here as well as some fun pictures! If you have any questions regarding the Ice Castles feel free to ask! 

Tickets //
Make sure to buy your tickets ahead of time! We were actually supposed to go to the Ice Castles a few weeks ago but I didn't realize we needed to order tickets in advance, by the time I went to purchase them all of the time slots were completely sold out.
It's important that you get to the Ice Castles at the beginning of your entry slot. For example, our entry time was from 5:00-5:30- we got in line to enter at 4:45 and didn't enter the castles until 5:10. The lines aren't too bad but they do take a little while so I suggest getting in line early. They have separate lines for each time slot, so there was a 4:30-5:00 line next to us that had to be let in first. If you miss your time slot you will have to go to the end of the line for all of the times so it will take you a while to get in- be on time! Once you enter the castle you can stay in as long as you'd like. 

Bathrooms //
There are portapotties in the parking area of the event. I'd suggest using the bathroom prior if you have little ones! 

Attire //
I cannot stress this enough- dress warm!! And when I say warm I don't mean wear a hat, I mean wear longjohns under your clothes! Kyle and I both wore two layers on the bottom and three on top, we were nice and toasty. You should also wear warm sturdy footwear. The ground within the castles is actually chopped up ice (think of crushed ice in your water glass), this makes for slippery terrain as well as quite the slush to trudge through. At one point we were walking through 5 or 6 inches of ice. I wore my tall Sorel boots which were perfect. 

Inside the Castle //
There are so many different areas of the castle to explore. Upon entrance, you are given a map which is very helpful! There is an ice slide as well as a little snack stand in the castle. We found that certain areas of the castle seemed less crowded. The slide and water fountain were the most congested areas.

Food //
Inside of the castle, there is a snack stand with things like cookies and coffee. This is great as it gives you something else to do while in the castle. There are benches near the stand where you can sit and enjoy your snacks! 

How far is it from Burlington, VT? // 
The Ice Castles are a little over 2 hours from Burlington. Kyle and I drove through the White Mountains to get to Lincoln and the route was absolutely beautiful- especially at this time of the year! 

Overall I thought the Ice Castles were amazing! The cost of the ticket was very inexpensive for all the fun we had. I wish they had a place like this here in Vermont! The company that made the castles is actually out of Utah and sets up castles all over the US. They are made out of PVC piping- how cool is that! This was a great way to spend our Friday night- I highly recommend going if you get the chance! 

Let me know if you have any other questions
Thursday, January 25, 2018

Thursday Thoughts

What I did this week //
* Monday's are usually pretty rough, BUT this Monday I walked into a perfectly clean house!! There were candles burning, the dishes were put away & every room was vacuumed! A dream come true if you ask me, Kyle really won some extra brownie points that day! 

* Continued on my workout kick..I've found if I put something on my Ipad and set it on the treadmill I'm way more motivated to stay on the treadmill! 

* Watched a new movie called 'Goodbye Christopher Robin' and it was so good! It's about A.A. Milne the creator of Christopher Robin, it follows his life and the creation of the book- better known as Winnie the Pooh.

What I'm doing this weekend // 
* On Friday afternoon Kyle & I are headed to New Hampshire on a little adventure! Make sure you're following me on Instagram so you can see where we go! 

* On Saturday I'm planning on laying pretty low, but I want to make breakfast. I've had a serious craving for this delicious Avocado Toast that includes feta & olives- yum!!

* On Sunday I have a "Galentine's" Party to attend! My Friend Annaliese is hosting it- I've never been to one so I'm pretty excited! 

* On Sunday night Kyle & I will head to my parents for dinner. I'm not sure if I've told you this before but we have Sunday Night Dinner with my parents every week! I love it!

What are you up to this weekend? Leave a comment!
Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Daily Journal: 3 Easy Steps

It's so easy to get to the end of a long day and lay in bed and think about all that went wrong that day, it takes a little more thought to lay in bed and think about all that went right. This year I have been intentional about ending my day on a positive note, I do this by using a Daily Journal. I've seen others journal before but it always seemed too overwhelming to me, they wrote so much, or the focus of their journal wasn't really in line with my needs. Below I'll share the three simple things I write down every night that has made a huge difference in my life. 

 *These are the best pens! The Papermate Flair Tip- They're kind of like thin markers

1 // High of The Day
This is my favorite thing to think of as it really puts me in a good mindset before going to bed. Even if I've had an overall horrible day there will always be at least one thing that was good in my day. Maybe my high on a rough day would be something like "had a warm delicious dinner" or "my student said thank you", these don't need to be big events every day. Choose something that made you feel good / something that will end your day peacefully when thinking about it. I think we sometimes get in the habit of feeling like our days aren't anything special or great, but if you take the time to think about it I can guarantee you will find a lot more than one "high" in your day.

2 // Low of The Day 
I like to write a low that is something that was within my control. I don't find it that helpful to write down complaints such as "a lady at the grocery store was rude" instead I might write " I took others actions personally" as this is something I can control and improve upon. While I think it's important to recognize what those low moments in our day are I think we should use it more so as something to grow from. Maybe my low for the day was being short tempered with my co-workers or maybe my low was neglecting to do my housework that has now piled up. Pick a low that you can improve on in the coming days, not a temporary annoyance. 

3// Goal For Tomorrow 
 I like to end the day by setting an attainable goal for the next day. This goal may be as simple and direct as "complete a 30-minute workout" or it might be more open such as "say a kind word to a coworker". Setting goals at the end of the day helps you to start the next day with an intention/purpose. Never make these goals something crazy, these aren't huge life goals you are writing, they're just one thing you want to do the next day. After I write the goal I like to say it as an "I will" statement. So if I wrote my goal as "complete a 30-minute workout" I would then say aloud " I will complete a 30-minute workout". By the end of the year, you will have 365 goals you have completed!

Do you journal? What do you like to include? I'd love to hear!
Sunday, January 21, 2018

Camel Womens Coat

Hi All & Happy Sunday! 
A little while back I shared a post on Best Women's Winter Coats , and I mentioned this Camel Coat , the perfect classic coat to add to your collection. Today I wanted to share with you a few snaps of me wearing this coat & my overall thoughts on the coat (which is currently on sale!). 

This coat is over 50% wool which makes it very warm without being itchy- if you've ever worn a 100% wool coat you know how scratchy they can be! This one is the perfect ratio & is quite soft. The interior of the coat is lined with a sort of silk-like material which makes it easy to wear over thick sweaters as they don't get stuck to the coat- it glides right on over them. Also, this coat has an oversized faux fur hood which is perfect for pulling up to protect yourself from the wind or snow.

What I love most about this coat are all the little details. The clasps on the front with the gold closures make the jacket feel so much more luxe, it helps to make the coat more dressy and instantly add's some glam to any outfit. I also love the stitching and structure of this coat, when I put it on I feel so much more put together and I think the cut of the jacket is very flattering which is a win.

I've paired this coat with dark denim & boots, a dress, and tights, or even leggings and a sweater, and all of those outfits look much better with this coat on top! The coat is currently on sale at one of my favorite retailers  . It is normally $270 dollars BUT you can get it on sale right now for $179.90 which is a little over 30% off - This is why I wanted to share this coat Today! The coat also comes in Moss shade which is more of a dark brown/green shade. The camel color is definitely my favorite! 

Hope you've enjoyed!

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thursday Thoughts

Things I did this week //

* Tried a new recipe! I tested out making cauliflower mashed potatoes and they turned out pretty good! I'll type the recipe up in the next week or so and share it with you! The nice thing about these 'potatoes' is that they absorb any seasoning you put on them and don't at all taste like cauliflower! A great alternative to the carb filled mashed potatoes we all love. 

* Made it 15 days working out! Which I know isn't that long but I'm pretty sure it takes two weeks to make something a habit so I think I've made it through the tough part! 

* Started rewatching The Secret Life Of An American Teenager. I saw it on Netflix and remember how much I loved watching it back in 2008 so I decided to watch it again- 10 years later & it's quite comical to think how invested I was in this show! 

Things I'm doing this weekend // 

* Kyle & I are hopefully going on a fun adventure that was supposed to happen last weekend but we got a winter storm- shocker! The weather here in Vermont has been crazy! I'll share more about this over on my Instagram- it involves a castle! 

* I mentioned before that I started working on report cards little by little, I'm going to wrap all of that up this weekend now that my assessment window is coming to a close (thank goodness!!).

* Saturday Mani! I'm not sure if I've said or not but I always get my Manicures with my Mom & Grandma, it's our little bi-weekly tradition. We love our nail salon & I think they love us because they gave us the cutest little gift bags for Christmas! I enjoy getting to spend this time with them & always look forward to it. I really need to get my nails cut down though- they're way too long! It's hard to type! 

What are your weekend plans? Let me know!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

How To Be Happy: 5 Easy Steps

Hi All & Happy Tuesday!
Today I wanted to share with you 5 easy steps to live a happier life! These are all steps you can take Today that will have a positive impact on your mental state. 

Step 1 // Focus On People Who Bring You Happiness
Only focus on people who make you feel good, if a person makes you feel like crap there's probably no reason to keep putting your focus on them. Is there a person on your Facebook feed whose posts drive you insane? Delete them. Is there a girl you follow on Instagram who bothers you? Why are you following her? It is completely up to you who you put your energy into. I think it's a hard thing to do- to not focus on people who make us unhappy or frustrate us. We seem to get into the habit of giving these people all of our attention. If you are constantly engaging with these people whether in real life or on the internet you will continue to be unhappy. Do not put your energy or thought into these people- move on! You will feel a whole lot better if you delete the girl who was mean to you in college off social media- soon enough you will completely forget about her instead of getting annoyed everytime you see one of her posts. By ridding yourself of these people you make room for all the people who can bring you true happiness. 

Step 2 // Have "Me" Time
This world we live in is so fast moving and everything is go go go at all hours. It's important you take time every day for yourself. Maybe this time is coffee in the morning, or maybe it's reading a magazine, or maybe it's baking a treat. I'd encourage your "Me Time" to not include your phone. Let this be a time where you can be with yourself- not the 500 friends on your Facebook list. This is a great time to determine what activities bring you happiness. I personally love to have a cup of tea at night while looking through new recipes. This is a time that calms me and makes me happy. It's important to be able to provide yourself with happiness. 

Step 3 // Give Out Compliments & Kind Words
How do you feel when someone says "Thank You" when you hold the door for them? How do you feel when they say nothing? Think about how you can be kinder towards others in your everyday routine. Are you in line at the coffee shop & the woman next to you has the cutest pair of shoes on? Let her know! Do you think your coworker did a great job on a project?  Tell them! The more positivity and kind words you can put out into the world the more you will get back. Positivity attracts positivity and therefore happiness. It feels really good to be kind to others- even if they're not kind to you. It is so simple to add more kindness to your day, make a conscious effort to be kinder to the people in your life. 

Step 4 // Declutter Your Mind
Do you feel happy when you've got a million to do lists and things running through your mind? Nope! It will leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Declutter your mind by getting all of that info out and onto paper! I carry around a little notebook in my bag and whenever I think of something I need to do, or get, or tell someone, I write it down. This helps so that my mind isn't filled with so much junk. It has made such a difference in my life- every day I can look at the page in my notebook and have all the random things in one place without me having to remember them!

Step 5 // Choose Positivity & Start Your Day Happy 
Every single day when you wake up choose to be positive and happy. It is your decision how you are going to start your day & my advice is to start it on a good note. I always start my day by listening to the radio while getting ready- this puts me in a good mindset for the day. Even when I wake up feeling sick, tired, or just don't want to go to work I try my best to remain positive. There are things in life that really are so minuscule and we let them get to us but don't let them steal your positivity. Did someone cut you in line for coffee this morning? Bummer- Oh well! You will still get your coffee- that's the positive part- focus on it! We can choose to focus on the negative or focus on the positive, the more you choose positivity the happier you will be!

Do you have any tips to be happy? I'd love to hear!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Winter Skincare Routine

These dry cold Winter months can really wreck havoc on our skin. Last year my skin went crazy around Christmas time & I was struggling to find products and a routine that would work for me. If my skin gets too dry I breakout, if it gets over moisturized I break out, so it's been quite the struggle to find products that will consistently work for me. I should also mention I have extremely sensitive skin, I can't use a lot of products because they will not only break my skin out but also cause uncomfortable irritation. In the past, I've suffered from dermatitis caused by ingredients within skincare & makeup such as sulfates. I'm telling you all of this because I want you to know that when I say these products are gentle and that they work I truly mean it. I have tried so many products out and have so many let downs that I'm excited and confident these products will work for others if they work for me! So without further ado here is my skincare routine! 

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Nighttime Routine //

Step 1 // Makeup Removal: To remove my makeup prior to washing my face I use the Purity Solution Cleansing Oil . I start by putting one pump into my palm, I then rub my hands together to get it warm & then rub the oil into my face. This oil will break up all the makeup on your face, once all the makeup is loosened you can rinse your face with water. This product is much gentler than a typical makeup remover or makeup wipe!

Step 2 // Cleanse: To cleanse my face after removing my makeup I like to use the Benefit Cleanser  . This cleanser is extremely gentle on my skin and removes any products leftover after using the cleansing oil. I like that there are no harsh ingredients in this cleanser that could potentially dry out my skin. You need to be careful with facial cleansers as some are way too harsh to be using every day! I generally steer clear of any product that says "Acne Clearing" in bold letters as those are sure to make your skin dry!  This cleanser is the perfect product to use every day with no worries. 

Step 3 // Tone: I've been using this Glow Tonic toner for a little over a month now & it has made the biggest difference in my skin. Prior to this product, I had been using a different toner/astringent but I wasn't able to use it every day as it really dried out my skin & sometimes even stung. I apply this product to a cotton pad after cleansing my skin. This toner helps to firm & exfoliate skin by removing dead skin cells which leaves your face 'glowing'.  This product also has Ginseng and Aloe in it which will hydrate your skin! 

Step 4 // Spot Treat: Who likes blemishes?? Not me! There are so many spot treatments out there that claim that they will clear up your blemishes but do they really? Usually not. Most that I have tried, leave me with a red flakey mess even if the area is cleared of acne; and really who cares if you don't have a zit if you now need to deal with covering up that mess! The Clarity Serum has been a life saver for my skin, I have the travel size but it comes in a much larger bottle normally. This product really will clear up my breakouts within a day or two. I apply a small amount to the area at night and when I wake up it's always looking 10x better. This serum contains Retinol and Salicylic Acid which help to exfoliate and clear any clogged pores. Additionally, it has Willowherb, Teatree, and Aloe which reduce the redness and irritation that come along with breakouts. Trust me when I say you need this product! 

Step 5 // Moisturize: This is one of the most important steps! Your skin needs moisture! Without it, every little imperfection will look much worse. The Face for Everday Moisturizer  is a gentle lightweight daily moisturizer that hydrates with Argan Oil, Carrot Extract, and Essential Oils leaving you with baby soft skin. I have been using this product now for over 2 years. This is one of the only moisturizers I will use as it's free from harsh ingredients and has no added fragrances. I generally purchase this product at my local health food store but I've noticed it popping up in drugstores as well! I apply a dime size amount of this to my face and neck each night and rub the remainder into my hands. 

Morning Routine //

Step 1: Rinse: In the mornings I only rinse my face with cool water, I use no cleanser as I feel it overdries my skin and is unnecessary. I think the reason some peoples skin will become irritated and dry is that they're over cleansing. If you properly cleanse your skin at night there is no reason to wake up less than 12 hours later and apply another cleanser. It's good to leave some of the natural oils on your skin! 

Step 2: Moisturize: I apply a small amount of the Everyday Moisturizer and let it set in for about 10 minutes prior to applying any makeup. This moisturizer lays well under makeup as it doesn't leave a greasy layer on the skin.


I hope this post was informative, let me know if you use or have tried any of these products!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Thursday Thoughts

* Some of the dinners I made this week!

Happy Thursday! 

We're almost through another work week! These past few weeks have been a little hectic- after the school vacation, we had a snow day which completely threw me off! Is there anything better than an adult snow day though!? Anyways I'm just starting to get back into my normal 'life' routine which feels really nice. 

Things I did this week //

* Created some new recipes! I've always loved cooking but lately, I'm experimenting with different ingredients a little bit more...and not to toot my own horn but the stuff I've made is delicious! The other night I made this baked haddock and it was soo good! I'm going to make it again next week! I share a lot of the recipes over on my Instagram so be sure to follow me over there. 

* Worked on report cards- If you're a teacher you know how time-consuming the grading period is. I've been trying to do a little each day so I won't get overwhelmed (which my Mom told me I would if I wait until the end of the month...and Mom's are always right)

* Brought a bunch of stuff to Goodwill. If you're in need of some cleaning inspo head over to my decluttering post to read about the 5 items you can get rid of today! The older I get the less junk I want laying around my home. 

Things I'm doing this weekend // 

* Last weekend Kyle & I bought Monopoly and had a great time playing it- I think Kyle loves it because he's a realtor and buying and mortgaging properties is the whole game! Anyways the weather forecast isn't looking great so I'm thinking another game night is in our future. 

* Going somewhere delicious for dinner- Kyle & I go out for dinner one night a week so I put a lot of thought into which restaurant I choose, I'm thinking I either want BBQ or Burgers on Friday! 

* Relaxing by the fire- There's not too much to do when the weather forecast is sleet and snow! Does anyone have any good movie recommendations? 

What are your weekend plans? Let me know!


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Decluttering : 5 Easy Items to Get Rid Of

Every January I get the cleaning bug. I'm not sure if it's caused by the New Year or if it's because I'm stuck inside more due to the weather, but whatever it is I always start cleaning out my house in January. I wanted to share with you some simple items you can clean out of your home that will make a huge difference and won't leave you feeling like you've gotten rid of important belongings. So without further adieu here are the five items you can clean out Today! 

5 Items You Can Clean Out Today

1// Books & Magazines 
Everyone has books laying around their house that they've already read- or maybe you have texts books left over from your college days...or maybe you still have magazines from last summer laying around or maybe it's cookbooks you've never opened. Whatever it might be- get rid of them! You do not need to keep books you have already read, you will not read them again I promise. And those magazines??? You barely looked at them when you first got them! Let it go! 

2// Toiletries & Beauty Products
Should you apply a lotion that expired in 2015 to your face?? The answer is no. If any product is expired throw it out! That will clear out a lot of unnecessary junk. Then look at what you have left and get rid of any products you may have tried & don't like or just products you know you won't use. After the general toiletries are done, move on to your beauty products. Do not keep expired products, even if it's the most beautiful eyeshadow palette in the world you bought 4 years ago- that's gross, it's expired and covered in a lot of bacteria that you should not put on your eye! You will be amazed at how many of your beauty products are expired- don't forget to clean out your lip products! Most beauty products will have a little graphic of a container on the bottom with the time frame of expiration. For example one of my powders had the container graphic with 6m written in it. That means once you open the product it is only good for 6 months. Stick to those dates to assure you aren't spreading bacteria on your face! 

3// Unused Electronics & Cords
Do you need your iPhone 4 charger circa 2010? Nope, you don't! Get rid of it! Go through all your cords and chargers and get rid of any cords that are of no use anymore or may be broken. After that is done get rid of any electronic devices you no longer need- for example, your CD player from 06'- you don't need that! Your broken flip phone- you also don't need that. Look up the proper way to dispose of your electronics as some can't be thrown in the trash. 

4// Old Towels & Bedding
Contrary to popular belief you do not need 20 towels & 15 pairs of sheets. You also should not be keeping stained or ratty towels "in case you need them for something". I have one old towel in my laundry room that I keep around to clean up messes & that's it. Go through your linens and get rid of any old/stained towels. Also get rid of any sheet sets /blankets you are no longer using. These items take up a lot of space in our house! 

5// Stationary & School Supplies
Why do we all have 900 sticky notes & 90 different pens? Do we need all of that? Nope. I also know a lot of people have left over school supplies either from their children or their days of college. Whatever the case may be, take time to clean those items out. Keep a few sticky note pads- one notebook and a jar of pens and call it a day. Any supplies you don't need that are still usable drop off at a local school! As a Teacher, I can tell you they will appreciate it! And use the materials- unlike you! 

After you have cleaned out these 5 items I'm sure your home will be feeling much lighter! Let me know how it goes & if you have any tips on decluttering!


Sunday, January 7, 2018

Weekly Grocery List

Hi All & Happy Sunday!

Today I wanted to share with you a highly requested post of my weekly grocery list / my tips for saving money on your groceries. I've been sharing recipes over on my Instagram so I thought it would be helpful to share how I shop for those recipes.

The first thing I do every week is to plan my meals. I cook dinner 5 days a week and then one day we go out for dinner and on Sundays, we have dinner with my parents. 
To plan my meals I figure out what protein I have at home that I can use. So right now I know that I have chicken breasts, ground beef, and black bean burgers in my freezer. I will then plan my meals around those proteins I already have.

My shopping list/ meal plan will look like this : 

* As I put in my meals I add the ingredients to my list and determine what ingredients I already have for that meal. For example for the cobb salad I know I have chicken and bacon in my freezer so I won't add that to the list- additionally I have the ingredients to make a soup. 

Head of Lettuce
Avocado (2) 
Spaghetti Squash
Green Pepper (2)
Yellow Onion 


Eggs (small)
Blue Cheese Crumbles
5 Yogurt 
Canned Cream Corn 
Brown Rice 
Cauliflower Tots

Granola Bars

MONDAY: Corn Chowder & Cobb Salad
TUESDAY: Black Bean Burgers & Cauliflower Tots
WEDNESDAY: Spaghetti Squash w/ Meatballs
THURSDAY: Shrimp w/ Rice & Asparagus
SATURDAY: Chicken Sausage w/ Onions & Peppers

* If you notice on my list there is no meat to purchase- this is because I have it all in my freezer and have bought it in past weeks when it's on sale therefor I don't need to buy it weekly. If I am at the store and see that chicken is on sale and know I am low I will grab a pack and freeze it in 1lb bags- then I will defrost as needed. This will save you so much money! To get into the swing of doing this you might spend a little upfront to stock your freezer but it will save you so much in the end. This also helps to meal plan as you know what your main ingredient of your meals will be.

*Always have chicken, beef, sausage, black bean burgers, and a fish like shrimp or salmon in your freezer.* Do not buy junk! When you are walking through the store and see a new kind of chips do not buy them! This is where so many people waste money- on things that are not on your list. Only buy what is on your list and what you need.
*Plan what snacking foods you want to have at home/work. This will help so you're not spending extra money outside of your normal groceries on snacks. I usually buy clementines which are 3.99 for about 20 or so in a box, trail mix, carrots and celery with hummus, and granola bars. These snacks last kyle & I all week and help to cut down on extra food costs.
* You are probably thinking okay but what do you eat for lunch??? I like to have a yogurt, orange, and a fig bar for lunch and sometimes some deli meat for protein. As a teacher, I eat lunch pretty early in the day so I don't eat too much. I prefer to bring a few small things versus one big item like a sandwich.
I hope this post gives a little insight into how I save with groceries. Let me know if you have any tips or tricks!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Best Womens Winter Coats

Hi All! Currently writing to you from under my down blanket on my cozy chaise lounge- it's a whopping -13 degrees out! I thought this was the perfect weather to share with you the best winter coats all under $300! I know $300 is quite a lot of money but if you live in a cold place like I do a good winter coat is essential! It starts to get cold here at the end of October & then stays cold through March so the better part of the year I can use these coats. 

This coat is sure to keep you warm as it's weatherproof and designed to deflect rain, wind, sleet, and snow! Perfect for the unpredictable winter weather. Filled with 550-down fill along with darting and elastic around the waist- a cute warm look without being overly bulky! 

Classic Peacoat // Cole Haan Hooded Duffle Coat 

I actually just got this coat for Christmas & absolutely love it. Winter coats can often be bulky and not so cute or dressy. This coat is the perfect mix of practical and dressy. I wore this out the other night on a dinner date to a classier restaurant and it was perfect! It was quite chilly that night so I wore the hood and was very warm. This runs true to size & is currently on sale! 

I love this coat as a sporty more relaxed option. This would be perfect for everyday wear. I have a few coats that are this style & length and love to throw them on when the temps are in the 20's or 30's as they're warm but not as overwhelming as my long down parkas. 

Let me know what your favorite coats are for winter!