Sunday, January 28, 2018

Ice Castles // Lincoln New Hampshire

Hi All! This weekend Kyle & I took a trip over to New Hampshire to visit the Lincoln Ice Castles , I thought I'd share a little bit about our experience here as well as some fun pictures! If you have any questions regarding the Ice Castles feel free to ask! 

Tickets //
Make sure to buy your tickets ahead of time! We were actually supposed to go to the Ice Castles a few weeks ago but I didn't realize we needed to order tickets in advance, by the time I went to purchase them all of the time slots were completely sold out.
It's important that you get to the Ice Castles at the beginning of your entry slot. For example, our entry time was from 5:00-5:30- we got in line to enter at 4:45 and didn't enter the castles until 5:10. The lines aren't too bad but they do take a little while so I suggest getting in line early. They have separate lines for each time slot, so there was a 4:30-5:00 line next to us that had to be let in first. If you miss your time slot you will have to go to the end of the line for all of the times so it will take you a while to get in- be on time! Once you enter the castle you can stay in as long as you'd like. 

Bathrooms //
There are portapotties in the parking area of the event. I'd suggest using the bathroom prior if you have little ones! 

Attire //
I cannot stress this enough- dress warm!! And when I say warm I don't mean wear a hat, I mean wear longjohns under your clothes! Kyle and I both wore two layers on the bottom and three on top, we were nice and toasty. You should also wear warm sturdy footwear. The ground within the castles is actually chopped up ice (think of crushed ice in your water glass), this makes for slippery terrain as well as quite the slush to trudge through. At one point we were walking through 5 or 6 inches of ice. I wore my tall Sorel boots which were perfect. 

Inside the Castle //
There are so many different areas of the castle to explore. Upon entrance, you are given a map which is very helpful! There is an ice slide as well as a little snack stand in the castle. We found that certain areas of the castle seemed less crowded. The slide and water fountain were the most congested areas.

Food //
Inside of the castle, there is a snack stand with things like cookies and coffee. This is great as it gives you something else to do while in the castle. There are benches near the stand where you can sit and enjoy your snacks! 

How far is it from Burlington, VT? // 
The Ice Castles are a little over 2 hours from Burlington. Kyle and I drove through the White Mountains to get to Lincoln and the route was absolutely beautiful- especially at this time of the year! 

Overall I thought the Ice Castles were amazing! The cost of the ticket was very inexpensive for all the fun we had. I wish they had a place like this here in Vermont! The company that made the castles is actually out of Utah and sets up castles all over the US. They are made out of PVC piping- how cool is that! This was a great way to spend our Friday night- I highly recommend going if you get the chance! 

Let me know if you have any other questions


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    xo Deborah
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    xoxo A

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