Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Decluttering : 5 Easy Items to Get Rid Of

Every January I get the cleaning bug. I'm not sure if it's caused by the New Year or if it's because I'm stuck inside more due to the weather, but whatever it is I always start cleaning out my house in January. I wanted to share with you some simple items you can clean out of your home that will make a huge difference and won't leave you feeling like you've gotten rid of important belongings. So without further adieu here are the five items you can clean out Today! 

5 Items You Can Clean Out Today

1// Books & Magazines 
Everyone has books laying around their house that they've already read- or maybe you have texts books left over from your college days...or maybe you still have magazines from last summer laying around or maybe it's cookbooks you've never opened. Whatever it might be- get rid of them! You do not need to keep books you have already read, you will not read them again I promise. And those magazines??? You barely looked at them when you first got them! Let it go! 

2// Toiletries & Beauty Products
Should you apply a lotion that expired in 2015 to your face?? The answer is no. If any product is expired throw it out! That will clear out a lot of unnecessary junk. Then look at what you have left and get rid of any products you may have tried & don't like or just products you know you won't use. After the general toiletries are done, move on to your beauty products. Do not keep expired products, even if it's the most beautiful eyeshadow palette in the world you bought 4 years ago- that's gross, it's expired and covered in a lot of bacteria that you should not put on your eye! You will be amazed at how many of your beauty products are expired- don't forget to clean out your lip products! Most beauty products will have a little graphic of a container on the bottom with the time frame of expiration. For example one of my powders had the container graphic with 6m written in it. That means once you open the product it is only good for 6 months. Stick to those dates to assure you aren't spreading bacteria on your face! 

3// Unused Electronics & Cords
Do you need your iPhone 4 charger circa 2010? Nope, you don't! Get rid of it! Go through all your cords and chargers and get rid of any cords that are of no use anymore or may be broken. After that is done get rid of any electronic devices you no longer need- for example, your CD player from 06'- you don't need that! Your broken flip phone- you also don't need that. Look up the proper way to dispose of your electronics as some can't be thrown in the trash. 

4// Old Towels & Bedding
Contrary to popular belief you do not need 20 towels & 15 pairs of sheets. You also should not be keeping stained or ratty towels "in case you need them for something". I have one old towel in my laundry room that I keep around to clean up messes & that's it. Go through your linens and get rid of any old/stained towels. Also get rid of any sheet sets /blankets you are no longer using. These items take up a lot of space in our house! 

5// Stationary & School Supplies
Why do we all have 900 sticky notes & 90 different pens? Do we need all of that? Nope. I also know a lot of people have left over school supplies either from their children or their days of college. Whatever the case may be, take time to clean those items out. Keep a few sticky note pads- one notebook and a jar of pens and call it a day. Any supplies you don't need that are still usable drop off at a local school! As a Teacher, I can tell you they will appreciate it! And use the materials- unlike you! 

After you have cleaned out these 5 items I'm sure your home will be feeling much lighter! Let me know how it goes & if you have any tips on decluttering!



  1. Great decluttering ideas! I sometimes struggle to get rid of things, but it really helps me to think about how if I'm not using something, I could easily donate it and someone else could use and love it!

  2. Such a great idea to do it by category! I have to start doing this! I am quite good when it comes to clothes and beauty products but the other categories need some help ;)
    xx, Theresa

  3. I really need to declutter the closet in my bathroom before I go back to school! My sister and I have accumulated so many random lotions, shampoos, and beauty samples over the years that it's just a disaster zone in there. I also for sure have a few old cameras and iPods that I could stand to get rid of as well!

    Hannah | the swirl

  4. I clean out makeup once or twice a year, and go through my closet to find things to donate at the start of every season! It is the best feeling to only keep things that you truly love and use!

    xoxo A

  5. I'm going through a decluttering right now so this was super helpful!

  6. I really need to clean my closet its such a mess!!!

  7. Great ideas! January is my fave time to declutter! Can't wait to tackle all of these things!

  8. Love these ideas! After moving so many times, coming home to my childhood room I definitely need to declutter again before moving away! Its piling up.

    Xo Karoline

  9. Ahh, I really need to get started cleaning out my old skincare/makeup stashes! Thank you for reminding me to do that!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  10. I hoard school supplies like no other. I have a drawer just filled with ratty notebooks that I can't seem to get rid of. It's probably time to recycle them and throw them out!

  11. I'm definitley guilty of holding on to books and school supplies! I never want to throw things out becuase I think I'll need them later but this year I de-cluttered my desk to give it a fresh start and it was a great decsion!

  12. Getting rid of magazines is always so hard for me! I have a stack in my office and I need to really go through them.

    -xo, Azanique |

  13. These are such great tips! I definitely need to work on #1 - I'm always guilty of keeping magazines!

    The Blush Blonde

  14. These are such great tips, especially because it's stuff that I guarantee most people have lying around their apartments! I'm totally guilty of holding onto products for way too long, and god forbid I get rid of any of my school supplies are books. It's definitely time for some spring cleaning!

    Logan |