Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Effortless outfits

Today I wanted to share with you three types of outfits that I love to throw on when I'm feeling lazy or uninspired. These outfits are all cute & put together yet don't take much effort or thought, which is the best part. I hate leaving my house feeling like a hot mess so I always try to put on something that I feel confident in, even if it's just a t-shirt. Sometimes I think we forget that we can still be stylish and cute in the simplest of things.

Option one: T-shirt & sneakers 
I think people underestimate the power of a great pair of sneakers. I could have on a white tee & $3 dollar leggings and add a pair of cute sneakers & feel like a million bucks. The key to making the t-shirt and sneakers look put together is choosing pieces that fit well & are in good condition. Don't put on your leggings covered in cat hair & your sneakers covered in mud and grass stains, that is NOT the look we're going for when I say effortless. Grab a simple t-shirt, long sleeve or short, and a pair of black leggings, add a chunky watch & a cute bag, throw your hair up and I promise it will look cute. Below I have some pictures of different ways I sport the t-shirt & sneakers option.

Option two: Dress & sandals
I'm not sure it can get much easier than this....Grab a cute dress & some basic sandals, a pair of sunnies & your bag & you're good to go. Below I have some pictures of how I wear the dress & sandal option. 

Option three: Jeans & heels 
Okay before you freak out & think who does this girl think she is suggesting heels are effortless... that's not what I'm suggesting. When I say 'heels' I more so mean something along the lines of a wedged sandal or chunky heeled sandal... NOT 6 inch black stilettos, so breathe no one is wearing uncomfortable heels. For this option grab a cute pair of jeans (I like skinny jeans with LOTS of stretch, a girls gotta breathe) and a simple top. This option is great if you need to go somewhere & be a little more "fancy" but still feel like you just want to wear a juicy couture jumpsuit & flip flops. Below are some pictures of how I style 'heels' & jeans.

Hope you've enjoyed this post!


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