Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What's in my bag: Vacation edition

If you're nosey like I am, you're interested in knowing what other people carry around in their bags. I always feel like Mary Poppins and wonder if I have entirely too many things in my bag, but the limit doesn't exist right!? Below I have gone through some of the things I always have in my bag when I'm going away for vacation! 

Snacks & Drink: 
My favorite candy to bring on a vacation is chewy candies because they won't melt in your bag like chocolate will. I love Jelly Beans, but really only the light color ones, so if I get the chance I usually stop at a candy store and just pick out the Jelly Bean colors I like. I also love Mentos...I know i'm like a 70 year old women. My favorite color is the pink ones but I haven't been able to find the all pink packs! Help! The final thing I always make sure I bring with me while traveling is a cup. I recently purchased this one at Starbucks and its made of 100% recycled material and is nice and sturdy. Whenever I stop somewhere I prefer to just get my drink in my own cup verses having my car filled with 900 empty Starbucks & Dunkin Donuts cups. 

Beauty Goods:
If there was only room for one beauty item in your bag I would say bring hair ties! I have a fear of needing a hair tie and not having one so I make sure I always have some in my bag. My favorite perfume to carry in my bag is my Marc Jacobs Daisy rollerball. This scent is very fresh and floral and perfect for freshening up throughout the day. The great thing about a rollerball is that theres no chance of it leaking all over your bag!
Lip products are a must for me. I feel like if I don't have something to put on my lips that my lips are chapped and then I need to purchase some lip balm immediately. My favorite lip balm is BurtsBees (the original kind), and then I'll have either a nude lipstick or lipgloss to layer on top. I've been loving the Sephora lipgloss in the color bubble gum.
Don't forget a good hand lotion! I feel like the longer I'm in a car or traveling the dryer my skin gets, so I like to lather on lotion. The Bath and Body Works lotion in Limoncello is my current favorite, it smells like heaven!

I wear prescription glasses most of the time but when I'm in the sun I switch those out for some cute sunglasses. I always bring my Ray-Ban gold aviators with me and then I bring a few inexpensive pairs of sunglasses that I can throw in my bag and wear to the beach, and not have to worry if they get lost or scratched.

As much as I love looking through social media on my phone it gets pretty boring after a little so I always bring a book with me. I love reading romance books meant for 16 year old girls...What can I say..its my guilty pleasure. Slash they're way more interesting than romance novels meant for "mature adults". I also love to bring my Ipad which I have all my magazines on. Last year I stopped buying hard copies of magazines and instead bought my subscriptions on my Ipad which is great because I have a ton of magazines all on one device. Make sure you download the magazines prior to your trip or else you wont be able to read them as they require wifi if they're not downloaded.

Products Mentioned:
Starbucks Cup
Ray Ban Gold Aviators
Sephora Lip Gloss
Limoncello Hand Cream
Hair Ties

I'm off to Maine tomorrow to celebrate my birthday so I thought this post would be a perfect one to get up before I leave. I hope you've enjoyed!



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