Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Cleaning Makeup Brushes

At the top of the list of things I like to put off resides cleaning my makeup brushes. 1. it's not very fun and 2. it can be time consuming. BUT I've found some things that make cleaning my brushes not as bad. the first is this little blue brush cleaner, you just put the soap on your brush and then swirl it around on this little magic piece of rubber and somehow all the dried on makeup comes right off your brush, heaven right? In addition to the little blue brush cleaner, I love using this dawn foaming dish soap. I've tried tons of different cleaning solutions and this hands down works the best. It breaks up the makeup fast and leaves the brushes feeling soft.  I also use this soap to clean my jewelry.

Brush Cleaning Tips

one // 
DO NOT I repeat do not put your brush head directly under the faucet, if you do this it can often loosen the glue that's holding your brush fibers in and or smash your bristles down.

two //
Lay your brushes flat to dry on a towel, this will help to keep your brushes in the proper shape.

three //
Use a small bowl with luke warm water & the dawn soap, dip your brushes in, this prevents your brushes from becoming over saturated with water.

four //
Wash your brushes at least every 3 weeks, it really depends on how much you're using then and what products you're using. If you're applying liquid foundation everyday you should clean your brush more frequently so that the product doesn't get caked up and ruin your brush.

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Hope you've enjoyed this post & brush cleaning is a little less dreadful!


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