Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Work Appropriate Outfit

Today I wanted to share with you the perfect work outfit. I work with kids so this outfit is teacher approved, aka you can chase 8 year olds around all day and still be comfy! Sometimes I think people struggle with having their personality come through their outfits while still looking professional. My tip is to pick one thing that really represents you and make that the focus of the outfit. For this outfit it was the red lace up flats, they're so me! I can pair them with this cute printed dress, an oversized sweater and leggings, a black dress, the options are endless! Many people get stuck in the routine of a basic pair of pants and a top but its so fun to wear a cute outfit to work, it makes the day much better trust me! It's just as easy to throw on a dress as it is dress slacks, maybe even easier because you don't need to find a top to match! I'm getting so excited to style some fall looks, stay tuned!
* The exact dress from this post is from Oldnavy & is sold out in a lot of sizes online but I know there's a ton in stock at the store!

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