Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Fitness Routine

Happy Tuesday!
I had shared over on Instagram a few months ago that I have finally found a fitness routine and meal plan that works for me. I received so many questions about it that I thought it would be easiest to put a post together. Full disclaimer that I am not a fitness guru nor am I a nutritionist, this is just what has worked for me. 

With my wedding having been coming up this September I really wanted to look and feel my best so I started making some changes in May and have had some great results. I was able to tone up as well as shed a few pounds from too many breads and sweets! 

Fitness Routine //
I don't follow any crazy program, I don't have a gym membership and I don't work out for hours on end. The one thing I've learned about working out is that it needs to be sustainable. It's not realistic for me to go to the gym every day, but it is realistic for me to set aside 30-45 minutes at home to workout. 
1 // Cardio 
I start my workouts with 15-20 minutes of cardio on a recumbent bike. Mine is from amazon and cost under $150 with prime. The bike itself has different resistance settings and is perfect for some basic cardio. You don't need anything fancy. While Peleton machines and Nordic track are great they're not necessary for a good workout. 
 2 // Arms
I always do arms after my cardio as my legs are usually a bit sore! I do 2-3 different exercises with simple 8-10 pound weights. My goal is always to tone not to build up muscle. I'm going to link below to videos demonstrating the exercises I do (much easier than trying to explain!) 
These are the main ones I do! Nothing fancy-
3 // Abs
Abs are my favorite workout to do! I love using the exercise ball for my ab workout as I feel like it does the best job at keeping me toned. Let me warn you that your abs are going to HURT after doing this!
4 // Legs/Butt
Legs have been the hardest thing for me to tone, not entirely sure why. All I can think of is that I have never attempted to gain any leg muscle until now. Like with the abs, I love to use the exercise ball for my leg workouts.
What I Eat // 
My food weaknesses are definitely carbs. I don't crave chocolate or sugary candy. I crave garlic bread, and pasta, and bagels, and toast- YUM! So in full disclosure, I had to stop eating all of those things on the regular.
Breakfast // 
During the workweek, I'm not big on breakfast so I will just have a banana and my coffee (much needed!). On the weekends I like having scrambled eggs with veggies or a yogurt parfait. Around 10:30 is when my students have a snack so I usually have some mixed nuts or one of THESE fig bars, they're so good!
Lunch // 
I'm much more of a snacker than I am a big meal type of person. I purchased one of THESE lunch containers and it has been such a game-changer! What I've loved most about the container is that it helps me with portion control. There are 3 sections in the container. In one section I put veggies ( I love cucumber, carrots and snap peas), in another section, I put a fruit (grapes, orange slices, berries), and in the final section, I put a protein like peppered turkey and cheese and make little rollups. I also bring a container of hummus to dip my veggies in. This lunch combo leaves me feeling full and satisfied since I was able to have a few different things. I really avoid breads and sandwiches at lunch as all it does is leave me feeling bloated.
Dinner // 
It's no secret that I love cooking. Preparing and plating meals is one of my favorite things to do. Kyle & I love Mexican food so 2/3 times a week we have some kind of Mexican dish. I'm not very restrictive when it comes to what I make for dinner. I generally don't make pasta dishes and I don't serve bread/rolls with dinner. We always start with some kind of salad and then a main dish. One of my favorite meals is maple salmon and brussel sprouts, so good! I also do not have dessert. While I love treats I find that it's just not great to eat them before bed. We always eat dinner around 5:30 so we're never eating past 7, it allows time to digest before lying in bed.
* Have healthy snacks! Any cut veggies or fruits are great go-to's. We also always have yogurt in our fridge.
* Limit beer intake! Kyle loves beer but we don't have any during the week. All of those calories and carbs in beer really adds up.
* No fancy Starbucks drinks! You would not believe all the junk in those drinks. Besides it being wildly expensive it's also pretty unhealthy if you're getting anything besides a basic coffee or tea.

Let me know if you have any questions. I hope this was a bit helpful!


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