Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Affordable Small Bathroom Renovation

Hi All-
With these stay at home orders in place, Kyle and I have been trying to fill our time. Kyle has now re-done so many things in our house that I've lost count. I thought it would be fun to share some of our home projects with you. The first project we tackled was redoing our very ugly and dull bathroom for well under $1,000 dollars. 
I'll be sharing the things we changed as well as where you can purchase the items. 

The Vanity//
The first thing we knew had to go was the horrible pedestal sink. I HATE pedestal sinks. I don't understand them! You can't put anything on them- and ours had rounded edges so if you set anything on it, it would fall right off! Not to mention whoever installed the pedestal did a pretty bad job- if you leaned on it, it would quite literally come out of the wall-yikes! 
We replaced the pedestal sink with the most gorgeous navy blue vanity. We purchased ours from Lowes but they no longer carry it, so I will link some similar options. I love the fun pop of color this adds and the great storage it provides us. If you have an existing vanity I would suggest painting it and changing the hardware to save money!
We added some reclaimed wood to the back of the sink as a backsplash. This was very easy and cost-effective as we always have scrap wood laying around. 
We also added THIS gold faucet. I'm a huge fan of gold accents and couldn't pass this one up for the price. 
The Floor//
I can't find any pictures that include the old floor but believe me when I say it was UGLY. It was a standard linoleum floor made to look like stone. We decided to use peel and stick tiles to re-floor the bathroom. These were very affordable, required minimum prep, and came in so many fun designs. 
The Lighting //
The bathroom previously had a standard silver vanity light that was a bit too big for the space. There was nothing terribly wrong with it, besides it being bland and not matching the new design. I found this gold and black sconce for under $100 and was so excited. I wanted to tie in both gold and black finishes and this light worked perfectly. 

Accessories //
The previous mirror in the bathroom was actually a cabinet which did serve a good purpose. I felt since the new vanity provided storage I could ditch the cabinet and get a more eclectic mirror. I found this gold one for under $50 and fell in love! 
I'm a DIY girl at heart so I love any excuse to get crafty. I used the same reclaimed wood from the backsplash to create the hand towel holder. I found a gold towel ring for under $20 and attached it to the wood. 
I wanted to bring some freshness into the space, so I attached some faux greenery to another piece of the board using a staple gun. This created the perfect pop of color without looking too busy. 
We purchased a new black curtain rod and gold hooks to tie into the design.

This was such a fun project to see come together! I'm linking all items mentioned in the images below. Let me know if you have any questions!
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