Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Black Friday Sales 2017

One of the biggest shopping days of the year is almost here! Happy Black Friday! I thought it would be helpful to compile some of my favorite sales & discount codes to make shopping a little easier for you. I use Black Friday to get a lot of my Christmas Shopping done- I'm not one to wait until the last minute as I find it can get quite pricey that way. I always have a list of things I need to purchase and then I find the retailers that are offering the best discount on those items. Below is a list of the sales that have started- As more sales are posted I will update the list below!

*If you click directly on the retailer's I mention it will take you to their site so you can shop!
T3 Hair Tools
25% off // Code: FRIDAY17
Buy one get one 60% off

20% off clothing & outerwear & Free Shipping // Code: THANKS20

50% off entire purchase & free shipping on orders $25 or more w/code: FREESHIP

40% off everything online & in-store // Code: THANKU

50% off everything // Code: BLKFRIDAY

50% off everything & free shipping on all orders

Buy one get one 50% off everything!

Holiday Cheese Board

The Holidays are here & with that comes lots of little get-togethers & parties. I'm the type who loves to entertain so I enjoy putting together little spreads of snacks for gatherings. This cheese board is one I'd put together for any of my get-togethers this season with family or friends. I've made this exact one before & it was a hit- I had to refill a few of the items before drinks were even finished! If you have picky eaters or allergies it's easy to tweak these boards to fit everyone's needs. 

I will generally make sure everyone has their drinks prior to setting the board out. I always have wine, a few different local beers, and of course liquor for mixed drinks. For non-alcoholic beverages, I have on hand seltzer, a fruit juice, and a few sodas in the small cans. 

What to include // 
- Hard cheese (manchego, parmesan, aged cheddar) 
- Soft cheese (brie, cheese spread, gorgonzola) 
- Nut or seed (almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds)
- Cracker or chip ( pick a higher end cracker- no ritz!) 
- Meat (salami, prosciutto, sausage) 
-Olives (kalamata, black, castelvetrano) 
-Dip (salsa, chipotle dip, bacon horseradish) 
-Garnish-( fresh fruits like blackberries or herbs like rosemary) 

I'd love to know what you put out for appetizers!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Womens Gift Guide 2017

I promised you a Womens Gift guide & here it is! Below are some of my favorite items this season that I think any women in your life or yourself would love! To shop any of these items you just have to click directly on the picture and it will bring you to the retailer. Some other great gift ideas I love are a nail or spa gift certificate, a subscription to their favorite magazine or a gift basket filled with their favorite things. Every year I make my best friend a little gift bag with items that I know she will love, some will be as simple as cozy socks or cute oven mitts and then I'll add in a makeup palette shes been eyeing- she always loves it!

Hope you've enjoyed!