Sunday, April 3, 2022

Laundry Room Before and After

    We're starting to wrap up some of our home projects and I'm so excited to share our completed laundry room with you! When we moved into our house, I knew that I needed to make this space more functional. The door opened into it, the closet was wasted space, and there was nowhere to fold clothing, not to mention the BRIGHT turquoise walls. 

    I decided to remove the closet hanging and replace it with cabinets that will provide us with storage as well as an additional folding space. I'm contemplating adding some sort of rack into the nook to allow for a spot to hang clothing, but I'm still undecided. 

    I also decided to remove the washer and dryer from the drawer pedestals. Overall this makes the space more functional, as we can now have countertop space, though I will say it can sometimes be challenging to reach the socks in the back of the washer!. I hope you love the space as much as we do. 

Before // 

After // 

Product Info & Links

Accent Wall Color: SW 9647 Soft Sage 

Wall Color: Behr White Moderne 

Floor Tile: 24 x 12, Slate Ceramic Floor Tile 

Wall Tile: Boutique Ceramic Tile 

Countertops: White Oak Butcher Block Countertops

Barn Door: Herringbone White Barn Door 

Shiplap: 7.25 in White Pine Shiplap 

Olive Tree / Laundry Basket / Wall Art / Light Fixture  / Basket / Rug (similar) 


  1. Wow, your laundry room transformation is incredible! The addition of cabinets and the removal of the washer and dryer pedestals have definitely made it more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Great job on the renovation!

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