Saturday, January 23, 2016

Skin Care Routine

Today I wanted to share my current skin care routine. Recently my skin has taken a turn in lets just say the wrong I've had to change my entire skin care routine which hasn't been easy. I was having some problems with my skin so I went to my dermatologist and was told I have perioral/periocular dermatitis... Google it at your own risk. For me it just consists of red irritated areas around my nose & eyes for the most part. Anyways moving on... my skin is super sensitive now so I had to discontinue use of any products containing parabens or sulfate and that was basically all of my face washes & moisturizers. I went on a search and I think I've finally got some great products to recommend that work well for sensitive skin.

1. Tea Tree Face Wash

This face wash has been a life saver and really helps to keep my skin clear & even. What I love most about this product is that it removes all of my makeup effortlessly which is great because it means I don't need to scrub my sensitive skin to remove any products. The tea tree scent is pretty strong so if you don't like the scent of tea tree then I would steer clear of this. 

2. St. Ives Green Tea Scrub

This is a great exfoliating face wash if you have sensitive skin. It's not too rough to where you feel like your scrubbing off 6 layers of your skin but it does feel like its sloughing away any of the dry skin on your face.
3. Burt's Bees Sensitive Skin Lotion

This is the first lotion I came upon that hasn't irritated my skin. It has a very mild scent and really seems to soothe my skin. It works great under makeup and seems to keep my skin moisturized all day. The only downfall is that I seem to run out of it pretty quickly so I always keep a backup.

4. Derma e Cream

I've just recently started using this lotion and so far so good. It soaks into my skin well and leaves it feeling very moisturized. The only down fall for me is that it smells like I just doused myself in tea tree oil which unfortunately isn't my favorite scent other than that I think it's a great product with really gentle ingredients.

5. Clarisonic

I received my Clarisonic for christmas and its safe to say i'm obsessed with it. If you have sensitive skin like me I would recommend getting the softer brush head as the normal one can be a bit abrasive. I would also suggest not using the Clarisonic on any irritated or "problem" will only make things worse. I generally use mine every other day on my chin, cheeks, and forehead and it keeps me blemish free.

Links to products mentioned:
Derma E Cream
Burts Bees Moisturizer
Tea Tree Face Wash
Green Tea Scrub

I hope you found this post helpful and found some new products to try out. Feel free to email me with further questions about my skin issues or with some suggestions as to products that have worked for you.




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