Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Vacation Packing // Must Haves

one // a good book
The best part about vacation is having absolutely no responsibilities which means I can spend 4 hours with my nose in a book if I so choose. I love reading more than anything, it really relaxes me and I love how it can take your mind away from where you are. I've read about 15 books this summer and have packed a brand new one just for vacation :) 

two // cute cover-up
 I love laying out by the ocean at our hotel since it has a nice little area right near the water, what I don't love is walking around in just my bathing suit, thus the need for a cute cover-up. This one is perfect to throw on to run and grab some lunch or go grab a coffee or just to get my tush down to the beach. When picking out a cover-up make sure it is made of lightweight material so you don't get too hot & it drys fast if you get it wet. 

three // light sweater
If you're on a beach vaca the chances of you getting too much sun are pretty high and when you get too much sun you feel like your going to freeze once nighttime comes around. Thus the need for a cute lightweight sweater you can throw on. I just picked up this lace one from  H&M and absolutely love it.  

four // black dress
 Need I explain this? If you're going away you MUST pack a black dress. A need will always arise for you to wear a dress and a simple black one is the way to go. It will match any of the sandals / accessories you've packed and will complement your tan. And with that black dress make sure to pack a lint roller! No one likes fuzzies on their clothes!

five // flat sandals 
I always pack way too many pairs of shoes and only end up wearing like 1 pair, and that pair is always the cute flat sandals. Make sure you pack a pair that is neutral and comfortable. I love these ones because they all a little something to a basic outfit. 

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