Thursday, July 6, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

Denim Shorts // Sweater (Past Season from Old Navy) 

Happy Thursday!

Hope you're all having the best week! I know I am seeing as there are only 3 work days! 

Things I did this week//

* Sunday we celebrated my Dads Birthday & hung out by the pool snacking and relaxing all day, then he made the best ribs ever! You bake them for 2 hours, then grill them to crisp them up & they just fall off the bone, SO good!

* On Monday (the 3rd) Kyle and I laid by the pool all day & then went down to the waterfront for fireworks. We had an early dinner at Sweetwaters which was delicious (I'm obsessed with their sweet potato fries). We also got to hang out with some of my friends which was so fun, I wish I could see them more but life is so busy!

* Tuesday was the 4th & Kyle and I headed to the lake to spend the day at his parent's house hanging out with his family. It's always fun to hang out there by the lake when the weather is nice, we got to use the jet ski & relax by the water. Kyles sister & her friend were in town & I always love getting to spend time with her, she's highly entertaining. We finished the night off with a bbq & Fireworks! Perfect day! 

Things I'm doing this weekend//

* Cleaning!!! Ugh! For some reason every time a Holiday rolls around, my house turns into a garbage dump, seriously. There are piles of clothes and such lying everywhere so I will be spending some time cleaning all of that up!

* Movies? There are a few new movies out at Redbox that I want to see, so if the weather ends up being a dud I might make my way to the store & rent a few. I'm really a homebody and love just hanging out at home, so a movie marathon is right up my alley. 

Question of the week//

* Okay serious question here, what do you do with books once you've read them? I absolutely love reading & have stacks of books around my house that I've read, I'm just not so sure what to do with them? I don't particularly want to just throw them to Goodwill. Thoughts? Let me know! 



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