Thursday, September 7, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

Happy Thursday!

We've almost made it through another week! I love this time of year because I feel like there are so many things to do with fall on its way. I've been loving baking & decorating my home with a candle burning & a movie playing!  I always love to cozy up on the couch & watch "chick flicks" on the weekends in fall. The boots above are a gift from Kyle for "back to school", if you're in the market for new boots these are a great option coming in just under $200! 

Things I did this week //

*Decorated for fall - I shared in THIS post some fall floral arrangements I made that were super affordable! 

* Laminated for HOURS at school! But, there is something so satisfying to me about cutting the lamination plastic so it really wasn't too bad #teacherprobs

* Switched over my closet from Summer to Fall! Fall is my favorite season so I always love pulling all my sweaters and cozy tops out of storage. This task did take quite some time but I'm happy to report that it is done! 

* Cooked a few "big" dinners. Lately, I've been making meals that leave enough for leftovers so Kyle & I can have lunches for the week. This has worked out quite well & I'm planning on sharing some of my favorite recipes on the blog soon. Let me know if you have any good ones!

Things I'm doing this weekend // 

* Staying at my parent's house! They're headed out of town so I get the pleasure of enjoying their newly renovated master bed/bath, score! 

* Making apple sauce- My parent's house has a very large apple tree in the yard that has produced quite a lot of apples this year so I want to make some apple sauce! The nice thing is that you can make a big batch & freeze it in smaller containers to use as you need! 

* Having a movie marathon! Sometimes you just need to take a break- Life has been a little crazy with the start of school so I'm feeling like I just need a relaxing day! 

What movies do you think I should put on my 'watch' list this weekend?! Let me know!



  1. That's so cool about the apple tree and apple sauce! Yummmmmm!

  2. I'm so excited for fall! I can't wait to decorate. I love that you switched your closet already. I'm excited to practically live in boots. That's so awesome that you're making apple sauce! I've never had homemade apple sauce before.

  3. I love fall just because of everything is so warm and cozy! That's so cool about the Apple tree!

    -xo, Makaela

  4. I love fall!! apples are my favourite fruit ever!!!

  5. Sounds like a fun fall weekend! I'm ready for it to start feeling like fall around here so I can enjoy some fall activities.

  6. I LOVE homemade apple sauce! Sounds like you have a fun and relaxing weekend ahead of you. Enjoy!

  7. Thank goodness it's almost Friday!

  8. I loveee movie marathons! They are the best! Enjoy time with your family!

  9. The ONE thing I really want to do is switch my closet from summer to fall, but I feel like the second I put the shorts away it's going to be 85 again.

  10. I am in loveee with those riding boots! I can't wait to break out all of my boots for the Fall :)

  11. LOL the laminating one cracks me up! I have to do a lot of laminating at my office and I secretly LOVE doing it! haha