Thursday, November 2, 2017

Thursday Thoughts & Current Wishlist

Happy Thursday!

Is it just me or did this feel like the longest week ever!? It's almost the weekend though so chug your coffee and put on a smile because tomorrow is Friday! I wanted to share a few things that are currently on my wishlist- I love all three of these items & actually ended up ordering this scarf when I was putting together this post- I just couldn't resist! I'm a sucker for plaid- it must be the Vermonter in me! I also loved these crawler earrings- I pictured them at the holidays paired with a simple dress- so pretty! & Finally, I had to share this leopard bag- I mean come on! I love it!!

Things I did this week //

* We had a crazy storm here in Vermont on Sunday night which kinda threw the whole week off. Most schools in the area ended up being closed & many people lost power. My parents were without power for 2 days so I threw a little "lights-out" dinner party with my family which turned out to be a very fun thing.

* Halloween in First Grade is as crazy as it sounds- My students were wound up on Tuesday with so much excitement for the night! We had a little Halloween celebration in the afternoon & they shared all of their costumes & trick or treating routes. They came in on Wednesday morning looking like they all had candy hangovers!

Things I'm doing this weekend //

*Kyle & I have been so busy with things lately I feel like we haven't spent any quality time together so this weekend we are definitely going on a date! What are your favorite dates to go on? I'd love to know!

* Watching Hallmark Christmas Movies- I can NOT stop watching these movies!! They suck you right in! I was up half the night the other night because I just couldn't go to bed without seeing how the movie ended. I think I like the movies so much because they all have pretty sappy plots & happy endings.

* Getting Thanksgiving plans & recipes in order- I'm a planner and love to have things set in stone ahead of time so this weekend I'm going to head to my parents & plan what I'm making for Thanksgiving! I usually cover the appetizers & desserts. Let me know if you'd like to see any of those recipes!

What are your plans for this weekend? Let me know!




  1. Omg. A plaid scarf would be fantastic right now. Also I love how you turned the power outage into something fun. And lovely weekend plans! I should watch hallmark movies too!

    Ash ||

  2. SO excited for all of the Hallmark Christmas movies too :) Glad to hear you guys are ok after that crazy storm!

  3. i loveee Hallmark movies too! happy you are okay after the storm!

  4. Yessss this week has been insanely long! Happy Friday eve! Loving the plaid scarf.

  5. That scarf is suuuper cute and looks so cozy! A lights out dinner party is such a fun way to make the best of a hard situation! Love it :)

  6. I enjoyed reading how your week has been going! And I love that scarf! A nice combination of the different patterns with the nice touches or red/black/white contrast.

    This weekend my husband and I are traveling to Bodega Bay for a couples' trip- sans baby. Have a wonderful, restful weekend! Thanks so much for sharing!


  7. Oh gosh! The storms sound scary. This week has felt a bit long for me as well. Looking forward to a cozy weekend at home!

  8. I was just in Vermont! Also, love those earrings, I can't wait to use our fireplace this winter while watching movies!

  9. That plaid scarf is so cute! Plus I'm all about cheetah so of course I love the purse as well!

    xoxo, Paige

  10. Sounds like a fun and relaxing weekend ahead! We're headed to a German beer festival so that should be fun.

  11. I live in upstate NY, I'm so surprised I didn't hear about that storm! The scarf and earrings are absolutely gorgeous. The only thing stopping me from ordering the scarf is the fact that the drawer I store my scarves in can hardly close haha!

  12. Love all three wish list picks - hope you have a relaxing weekend.