Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Thursday Thoughts

Happy Thursday!
 I feel like this week has been so crazy! I've been going to bed so much later than usual because I've had so much to do every day! I've been trying to keep to my workout routine regardless of all the things I've had going on which seems to be helping me keep my sanity. I definitely suggest trying to stick to your normal routines as much as possible as it helps to keep your life somewhat in order.

Things I did this week //

* Valentines Day! I'm not sure anyone is more excited for Valentine's day than First Graders. It was a crazy few days leading up to Valentines as the kids were just SO excited. I received so many sweet cards it made the day extra special. As I mentioned before Kyle & I keep it pretty simple for Valentine's Day. This year Kyle prepared bacon wrapped filet, stuffed salmon, asparagus, wild rice, AND chocolate cake! So delicious & I love getting to have a quiet night at home. We went out one year for Valentines Day and it was CRAZY! The service was terrible the food took forever and it was so noisy- I learned my lesson not to go out on this holiday!

* Completed ALL of my laundry!! Which was a goal of mine last weekend so I'm happy to report it is all done, it did take a while though! Does anyone else greatly dislike having to put clothes away!? I avoid it at all costs.

* Increased my speed on the treadmill, which you're probably thinking 'who cares', but for me, this was a big step. When I started working out back in December I was so out of breath on the treadmill and could barely fast walk without becoming fatigued. Now I have so much energy on the treadmill and I'm able to run without feeling out of breath or weak. Push through the difficult phase of working out- I promise it gets better! I'm to the point now where I enjoy working out every day and am bummed if I miss a day. 

Things I'm doing this weekend // 

* Saturday Mani - I'm thinking I want a nice nude color but I'm worried it will make my hands look even paler! I always like to find a fun design or color on Pinterest prior to going. Let me know what your favorite nail colors are!

* Baby Shower- I can't believe I'm at the age where I'm attending baby showers! I feel old! One of my coworker's daughters is having a baby this spring and her shower is on Saturday. I got the most adorable little baby clothes for a gift and these sweet little velvet shoes. Baby girl clothes are seriously the cutest! I had a hard time not buying the whole store. 

* Beginning to pack for our vacation! Kyle and I leave next weekend for our trip so I need to get packing! I'm freaking out a little bit about all of the illnesses going around and the germs at the airport! How do you stay healthy while traveling!? I'd love to hear any tips!

What are your plans this weekend!?


  1. It sounds like you had a great week so far. Congrats on the speed increase! I am truly happy as I know it can be a very exciting moment/accomplishment. The treadmill is no joke! haha I hope you have a wonderful time at the baby shower and I can't wait to see where you and Kyle are going on vacation!

  2. I bet the kids had such a fun day yesterday at school celebrating! I wish everyone in workplaces in the adult world celebrated Valentine's with cards and treats I feel like that would be fun.... ah well!

    xoxo A

  3. Yay for treadmill milestones! It is such an accomplishment!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  4. omg I hateee putting clothes away! They just end up out of the drawers anyway ;-)

  5. it sounds like you had such a good week! glad you got chores done, and had such a sweet valentine's day <3

  6. I hope you have fun on your trip! I use hand sanitizer and wipes for the plane! I also take extra Vitamin C when I'm on the go :)

  7. Loved learning this quick tidbit about your life. I know! Going out on Valentine’s is literally hell!

  8. Yes girl! Any time you run further, run longer, or increase your speed on the treadmill it's a big accomplishment. Keep it up :)

  9. ugh I'm with ya on the baby shower thing. The fact that friends are having weddings/baby showers now is still so weird to me!!

  10. Working your way up on the treadmill is awesome!

  11. Girl go you for upping your treadmill speed, I totally understand how thrilling that is!
    Have so much fun on your trip! I know when I leave for Arizona in 2 weeks, i'll be washing my hands and brining sanitation wipes!

  12. Sounds like you had an awesome week! I’m glad!

  13. Laundry is my least favorite chore, haha! You reminded me I need to do mine though... And aww first graders with Valenines Day, so adorable!

    The Classic Brunette

  14. Girl, I have clothes from "doing laundry" sitting in a basket in my laundry room from last week since I haven't put in the effort to fold them yet! I totally feel you on now wanting to put them away lol

    Logan |