Monday, June 11, 2018

Affordable Home Update

Hi All!

As you know Kyle & I just closed on our house a few weeks ago! We unpacked everything within the first two days and are now moving on to little updates and projects around the house. I wanted to start with something that would make a noticeable difference but wouldn't cost a lot. I decided to tackle changing some of the hardware throughout the home. I love the mid-century modern look with clean lines and a brushed brass finish, I found some beautiful hardware at Lowe's and decided to see where I could incorporate it into my home. At under $5 a handle, this was a very affordable project. I changed the hardware on our pantry, our new TV console as well as an antique dresser I had refinished a few years back. These new handles make such a difference! I love the cool look it gave to my furniture pieces- they feel just my style and very updated. 
If you have any furniture around your home see if you could update it by changing the hardware. Another place you could update your hardware is in your kitchen. Changing cabinet pulls will make it look like you installed completely new cabinets!
I'm linking the exact drawer pulls I purchased for you- They come in the smaller size as well as the longer. 

Do you have any affordable update ideas?



  1. I just brought handles like that for my place! They're so affordable and such a simple update to make!


  2. It's awesome how such simple changes can really transform a piece! I hope you're enjoying your new home!

  3. Oh girl I love this!!! you such a good job, I love a good DIY!

  4. Updating the handles are a great way to add a little more customization without a huge cost! I love the ones you chose!

    xo, Leanna |

  5. woah, i love the little differences and how much it changed the space!! in love with the tiny details <3

  6. It's amazing how much furniture can be transformed just from making a few updates to the hardware!

    Katie |

  7. Cute! Love the gold. It's amazing what a small change like that can make!

  8. Home updates are so much fun!!! We just bought a new house too :) . It's so exciting! Love the handle updates. I'm going to have to try this - they look great!!!

  9. It's so neat how a simple thing like changing the nobs can change the entire furniture piece!

    xo, Deborah
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  10. i love all these! such an easy way to save money, and have a great little project to enjoy!

  11. Wow the transformation is incredible!

    Ash |