Monday, October 31, 2016

Dry Shampoo Review & More

1. IT Cosmetics Products 
So a few weeks ago I ordered some products at Sephora and received a sample of the Bye Bye Under Eye which led to me purchasing the CC cream and a full size of the concealer. I LOVE them both, like completely obsessed. The concealer provides the perfect hydration and coverage under the eye and the foundation blends seamlessly into my skin, the perfect combo! 

2. Dry Shampoos 
Let me start by saying I have an affinity for hair products and trying out every product available, so naturally I purchased both of these dry shampoos. I love the Bumble & Bumble pret-a-powder because it provides great volume and texture without feeling gritty, I don't find myself using it as a dry shampoo but more so to give me to volume. The Elizabeth and James Nirvana dry shampoo is good but does spray out very white, so you HAVE to make sure that its rubbed in...or else you look like you have a head of gray hair #yikes. On a good note the spray smells SO good, so it does give it a nice refreshed scent. 

3. Cleanser
I was previously using a basic face cleanser but felt it wasn't really getting all of my makeup/products off my face, so I tried out a sample of the Clarisonic cleanser I had in my bathroom and I instantly loved it and ordered the full size. It gets my skin SO clean, like squeaky clean which is the best. 

4. Perfume 
If you don't love Japanese Cherry Blossom then I don't know what to say. When I was in Bath & Body picking up this bottle the sales associate informed me that it is the number 1 scent in the United States above all other fancy scents. Crazy right!? I just love this body mist. 

Hope you've enjoyed this post!

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